You’re Welcome Elliptigo !!!!


Last week I received a sweet email from Elliptigo thanking them for my blog post called Wake me up B4 U GoGo.  Before I started this whole blogging adventure I totally had no idea how it worked, this blogging thing….elliptigoswagI still pretty much have NO IDEA HOW MOST of it
works.  I have learned a few key factors though!! The one thing that I DID NOT KNOW IS THIS!  That fancy real peep bloggers receive free gear to use and then review for their blog!  This is not us.  Now as a disclaimer…..grittyglittergirl has never received anything for free….the awesome t-shirt, bumper sticker, and gift certificate thank you from Elliptigo, which we did not know in advance we were going to receive.  We got a lovely email from Meagan at the company letting us know that she enjoyed the blog post after reading it which was AWESOME!!!!!

The entire PACO POSSE has never gotten any free swag…not that we aren’t willing to test drive some gear…we run through serious products!free We buy with our own money…a ton of gear…..Free running gear though goes to serious bloggers and serious runners…..not hanging in trees, hand*standers, bumper carrying funners like us !!!!  But…..if the earth did ever tilt upon it’s axis…. we would never not make you AWARE of our Gifted status…mostly because we probably wouldn’t be able to even believe it ourselves!

On that note……. a huge thank you to all the folks that are reading the blog!  Thank you for the reposts and the shares on twitter, facebook, instagram, and google.  Yesterday alone grittyglittergirl website had 211 visitors!!!  

Imagine if all of these people continue to share and follow the blog….to comment and to spread THE  FUN of running and  fight LONGRUNITIS….to run from mail box to mail box…to stand up and SHOUT THAT THEY ARE A RUNNER!!!!! 

you know what will happen??? we will have a huge number of people running for fun! we will be encouraging each other…..and we will be spreading gritty glitter all over the trails….exactly like we are meant to!  Now does this mean HOKA is ever going to send the PACO POSSE any shoes….NOPE! …………… pinkbut does it mean YOU WILL BUY THE RIGHT shoes because I bought the wrong ones eight times….YEP!!!!

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