Wake me up b4 U GO*GO!

Where'd She GO*GOThe Elliptigo is a running thingamabob that helps me to add miles to the daily “total” mileage by taking pressure off my delicate, Lilliputian, teensy, infinitesimal, left foot.  (Now before my two gorgeous sisters chime in…MY BLOG, MY RULES….so even though I rock a size 11 HOKA…It’s a tiny glass trail shoe in my anoxic trail running mind!) I busted up this foot  with a wicked stress fracture two years ago.  With my old lover (shoe brand), I couldn’t run further than 3 miles after the incident….

It should also be noted that along with my height and despite my mother’s purchase of eight years of dance lessons….I still have absolutely no grace.  The Elliptigo elevates even a normal sized female runner to attitudinal, soaring, and lofty heights…..but for a six foot tall runner…there are BRIDGES WE CANNOT GO UNDER!!!!!!!!!!  The Elliptigo people are probably actually medical at heart because the manual is full of ways you can die on this apparatus.  We ICU nurses love that!!!! Technically, one can perish easier on a bicycle but the last one I purchased did not include the wealth of safety information that the Elliptigo folks provided!!  These guys are awesome…..if they can have the grittyglittergirl, who has been personally driven to the hospital via ambulance after a 15 minute bike ride, to start wearing a pink nutcase (you GOTTA check those out…soooo uber cute….I tried to find a way to casually wear it into the grocery store, but TRUST ME, bad idea…those cashiers have NO SENSE OF STYLE!!!)  then they have SOME MAD SKILLS PEEPS!!!! I am even walking the black beauty AKA Elliptigo 8S over gravel….gravel is very and extremely dangerous, one could be killed, or in North Carolina, KILLT in a minute…..Heck, that two-lane highway was dangerous , on the said

This is just the Shizzle
This is just the Shizzle

ambulance bike ride but that did not STOP ME…..nope! the stupid mailbox did……

If you get the chance to test drive an Elliptigo…do it! Then, I highly recommend it become your trusty steed!  This machine has allowed me to add anywhere from 6 to 10 miles to a days run. Now be sure to follow all safety rules….this includes wearing a HELMET of the bicycle variety rather than my welding helmet…but I also LOVE to wear that, for snazzy instagram paparazzi photo ops.  One last word of warning, despite the coolness, and bad*assery  of your welding helmet the same rules to wearing one inside a grocery store apply……although, personally, I believe it is time for everyone to obtain a sense of fun and conviviality with their fashion flair…..

Awww so cute on the Lilliputian foot....
Awww so cute on the Lilliputian foot….

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