Trail Testing in South Carolina

IMG_20141011_232624Grittyglittergirl actually won tickets to something!  This is amazing and even better..

.they weren’t tickets to a rendition of The Sound of Music performance by tone deaf former country singers. TIMG_20141011_162542he prize was tickets to the two day Southern Ground Music and Food Charleston,  South Carolina. THIS  made guitar man SUPER HAPPY!  This made me try to super detective up some running trails! Luckily, grittyglittergirl Team is in ramp down week so milage is decreased. We follow the plan of steadily increasing training distance for 3 weeks then a serious ramp down rest week cycle.

A little Internet checking and I came across Marrington Plantation Trail.  IMG_20141011_23144113.4 miles of bike, horse and running trail in South Carolina.  Perfect! Less perfect was the conversation between grittyglittergirl and guitar man when I said I wanted to leave by 5am so I could be running by 9…… but I digress…….

Marrigton Plantion Trail is crazy pretty and easy to run. Note of caution…..not one biker…(and there were MANY) said “to your left” or even made their approach known…..prehaps due to the roots …….the fear was if they opened their mouth to talk….their teeth would fall out…

Just be very careful!IMG_20141011_232746IMG_20141011_231947IMG_20141011_232208IMG_20141011_232115

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