Running on the Balance Beam

Balance…..It has become a popular buzzword that people throw around like the glitter that is embedded through out my entire home…..Yet, there is a reason it has become so very popular…..Balance in one’s life is tricky….difficult..and occasionally down right next to IMPOSSIBLE! balance sunAttempting to make time to run, work, motivate your family, and attend church can seem down right overwhelming…….  For ultra runners  I believe it is even more difficult…..  We cannot simply step outside the door for a 20 minute or 30 minute run.  Unless, you, yourself is someone who recharges by running long distances, it is very difficult to explain to your significant other….your friends….your BOSS…..why the run you are on, basically SUCKS for the first five miles or so……AND BECAUSE we run rather slowly, on technical (the word for “I will knock you on your ass as many times as possible, tree-root-strew-trails”) trails, we slower ultra runners tend to take about an HOUR to run those first five miles…….

Often, I am asked if this is when my runner’s high kicks in… honest answer is no.  I don’t really ever feel a sense of “high”……what I feel at that five or six mile mark is a sense of smooth….of cadence….of ease….  I feel like FINALLY.….the run is moving properly.  The only way I can think to describe it is when one swings a jump rope or a lasso.  wonderwomanWhen the rope is first swinging it is all wonky….it hits you in the foot….if it’s a lasso it may HIT YOU IN THE HEAD!  But finally….at some point, it beings to swing freely and smoothly….and there is a sense of rhythm and ease.  To me…this describes ultra running, and this is why when I am out on a run….I want to run for another hour or two or three, after that first GAWD-AWFUL hour…..and then there goes my balance……

I know others struggle with balance….I know because people that ultra run, some run to work!  They may also get up at times such as 3 am, 4 am….I, myself, have gotten up at 4 am before working a 12 hour shift…..  In fact, they meet up on sites such as facebook and running groups and talk endlessly about how to fit everything in….Somewhat of an AA for ultra runners……trailback

My answer these last couple of months was to decrease my blogging….but I missed it!  I am so grateful for the support of everyone…..we have gritty glitter runners in RUSSIA!!!!  that just rocks!  ………so I ask you ….HOW ARE YOU BALANCING IT……. 

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