Robin…Wrong Hood…Homie


ascicsrunskirtThere is a Robin in my Hood….and he stole my new white asics running skirt!!  The joker obviously did not completely read the story….as he was SUPPOSED to rob the rich and GIVE to the poor…..uuuggghhhhhh!!!  Let me explain! What had happened was…. THIS….

I ordered a simply adorable white Asics running skirt….uber cute and cheap from the forest….. I began to wonder where it was when days went by and the skirt was no where to be seen.  Logging into to the forest directory showed that the skirt had been DELIVERED!!!  How could that be?? No such adorableness had made it’s way to my front door or my body…. I quickly emailed fashionforplay the amazon company that was the forest helper….a fairy godmother of sorts!  I explained that although the computer said the skirt had been delivered….and I had MacGyver’d all my neighbors…with my top secret investigative skillsmacgyverno skirt existed…which led to my theory of Robin Hood.  To fashionforplay’s credit they did not laugh hysterically, nor ask quietly if I had forgot to replace my electrolytes after my last long run.  They simply said they would send me a new skirt.  What a wonderful and thoughtful company!! I waxed on about setting snares and traps for Robin…throughout my hood….to which they kindly included an additional return label in the packaging in case I shall catch the villain running through the streets wearing my skirt.  The new skirt arrived very quickly and it was love at first sight!! I will be needing more! I put the joker through the paces….on my quest to search for Robin and also ensure that nary a longrunitis twinge set into my bones….It performed wonderfully!  It is without bloomers…so one must choose his or her own…which I greatly like!  I cannot wait to order more….