Purple Cows & Lightning Boltz!

purple cowOne may wonder…..what in the world do purple cows have to do with running?  What do they have to do with anything actually?  Actually, the purple cow concept is a pretty well known and respected marketing concept by Seth Godin.  I have included a link if you want to understand more of his theory…..because you must understand that surely….I am going to somehow have my own spin on this.  This in no way has ANYTHING to do with Mr. Godin’s theory except that we both seem to share a fondness for cows….mine stems from growing up visiting my grandparent’s dairy farm all my life.

grittyglittergirl being attacked by a killer Holstein
grittyglittergirl being attacked by a killer Holstein

In your life you will meet people that are original purple cows….they were simply born that way.  They DAZZLE, they shine….they march to a fabulous beat that only a few hear…yet many should strive to listen to.  They are extremely rare….almost as rare as finding a perfect pair of unworn HOKAs at walmart rare!

You may also meet the purple cow that is akin to a non-professional perm…or a free haircut….something to be examined on your best friend…..but to be avoided by yourself at ALL COSTS!  These pseudo cows…..PURPLE POSERS……the regular Holsteins with a Dollar Tree Halloween coating of purple glitter are dangerous.  They may try to impress you with the ramblings of trail runs or PR times…..proceed with caution…..Where does this leave you? …Why should you care?  Why should you even worry about cows? …and the ramblings of this runner?

You don’t have to…you can swipe me away..if it’s an iPad….but after you leave that 5K, 10K, or half marathon world………Once you start running farther and farther, a strange thing happens to many distance runners…..especially ultra runners.  You begin to bleed a bit of purple.  Now some of us were out of the closet, crazy purple-donning, comfortable in our skins, flag flying, proud, BAD A@# purple cows from birth……Others, however, take a bit of time to realize their power…..their inner awesomeness!…awesome

If you have been following the blog at all…and I encourage you to do so…my mother is getting very lonely with only herself, and her coupon clipping club of two members as followers….You know that I believe in being a LITTLE OUT THERE…..seeking to find your purple cowhood and perhaps even wrapping your arms around that SUCKER…because being true to yourself is amazing! A true purple cow has instagram photos of their black toenails….they do handstands after a particularly hard run…..they are not worried about matching socks or their hair while they run……They eagerly trade running hacks among each other with glee….The can talk about any bodily process and still maintain pace…….Do you REALLY want to blend in with a sea of normal runners, or maybe….just maybe you have already become a bit purple?

Realize that being a purple cow makes you easily visible, distinguishable, and down right unmistakable sometimes….The fact that  you are a unique and complete package of AWESOMENESS…this may just make you a bit of a target to the other cows of the Oreo…black and white variety……In fact, if purple lightening was to strike, you might be hit…….Be careful yet joyful on the trail and road……embrace your uniqueness!  And if you are struck by lightning…….may it be on your final mile……….


<p>Original article: <a href=”{http://www.grittyglittergirl.com/purple-cows-lightning-boltz/running/ultra/marathon/mom}”>{purple-cows-lightning-boltz}</a>.</p>

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