Postal Option vs Tramp Stamp

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offtrailarrowGrittyglittergirl has a bit of a secret….no I am not secretly a FBI agent that knows how to tie three pieces of 6 inch dental floss and a box of toothpicks into a floatable boat for two…..It is something a bit more annoying due to the sheer nature of the nickname.  Have you ever done something you were SURE was completely adorable or fun and then LATER find out that it had negative connotations…..that it had BAD IDEA WRITTEN ALL OVER IT????   This has happened to me on many occasions….I have a dog that is soooooo cute but who’s name rhymes with PIT-zu…….My thought process that roller derby was a good exercise option for a uncoordinated, amazon, girl that could barely SKATE……just  because I had a great roller derby name………was misguided…. roller derbyThat moving away from vanilla ice cream when that was totally my favorite to try  disgusting rocky road flavors…was a bad idea.  That MMA would be a good fit for a stubborn girl that refused to use the words “tap out” but yet did not like to hit OR BE HIT!!!  MIG welding is something one can learn from a youtube video….. these are just a few of my minor setbacks…..The larger ones I am protected by witness protective services for than goodness…..But …….lastly the placement of one of my tattoos …..the homeless person postal option…..AKA the tramp stamp. 

Who would have thought that the placement of one tattoo would cause such a negative onslaught from complete strangers???  It is an obvious placement…lower back… appropriate for work…hurt less than the foot tattoo.  Yet this could start the downward slide towards a stripper pole and a life of tassels and pasties?  I have heard these very thing spoken to me….I own none of these things….but apparently I should….Because the look of shock when a glimmer of the offensive postal option comes to light is quite humorous.   How is this possible? How can a mother of four, an upstanding nurse, and regular church going peep end up with a tramp stamp?  Was I tied…held down?? Fed rocky road ice cream at a strange and twisted party and tatted up?  No…simply NO ONE TOLD ME!!!!!stamp

THERE WAS NO SIGN!  As my friend Leggs also attests…she has a homeless person’s postal option also…there was no sign at the yuppy tattoo place with the fluffy couches and the no smoking signs…….stating “tramp stamp” placement area….. WARNING!!!!  So we are in a collective mission to both as public health officials…..


1. Change the name to another although equally politically incorrect and offensive one: the homeless person’s postal option, we believe this will both confuse and bewilder the less astute population and make the tramp stamp negativity decrease ….it will of course perhaps increase negativity for homeless people attempting to conduct business at USPS..but I cannot please everyone..everyday!!mailbox

2. Proudly support ink for any over 18 year old person who should want it.  Removal of negative stereotyping with tattoos, piercings, or plastic surgery  should be eliminated.  Whatever makes a person feel better as long as it is legal should be acceptable.  People need to stick to their own kool-aid and not always be messing with everyone elses…..

What does a life style choice, such as the homeless person’s postal option have to do with running? Everything!  The next time you are tempted to give a unsolicited or negative opinion on ANY topic…..just think of how welcomingly you, yourself…… received any of the following information about your “poor” judgement in running over 50 miles a week …GAWD FORBID AT A TIME>>>>, not eating meat, planning your vacations around running, refusing to be out late before a long run, spraying your feet with deodorant….the use of body glide……..or any of the other “odd” habits we long distance runners have…. and just stop.  Do not do anything other smile and nod. And rest easy in the fact that you are free to be as purple as you too wish to be… any time…in any place.


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