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odetoleggsWe all have had besties…best friends…or in today’s high school and middle school world…my BAE or biffle is LEGGS!  If she was only a best friend she would still be totes top on my list!  Now #fyf  (it’s important that you learn to keep up with the foreign language the people that have our economic engines firmly turning use…the 13 year olds of today!….fyf= fix you face…which in my house I have changed to FYG ..fix your grill….. go ahead feel free to use it and blow some teeny-boppers mind the next time you roll through the drive thu!!)  Now they may stick their finger into your diet coke but hey..you are hip..what do you care!??? SOOOO your face straight?? You with me..ready to find out what makes a top running partner?

Leggs is more than a biffle…she has a trickier job! She is my ultra training partner!  She along with our buddy CR form the Paco Posse running team.  Leggs has been there since the beginning, and so in ODE to her….I started to think of a list of sayings that differ a best friend from a truly quality and BEST running partner one can HAVE … 

Things I have said to Leggs:

* Can you check my bladder? I don’t think it is still hanging…..

* Watch the trail…Did you bring paper??? Just yell HI when runner comes..

* I said 50 miles….

* It’s just a marathon…..I am only going to be 40 once….

* Don’t let them cut off my clothes…once they put me in that ambulance they will cut them off!!!….make them promise….

* We don’t need a helmet…the kids aren’t going…..

* It’s just an ultra……

* It’s only 18 miles….22 miles….50 miles….100 miles…..

* What type of lube was that?

* Tape me up! No one else can do it right!

* Do you need to suck on the tube?

* NEVER sing Footloose during my AC/DC solo…….

*If I fall /break/die put my bib in your pack and drag it across the line…

* Never will we bring a 100lb lab that needs to be firemen carried on a trail again….

* Crossfit??!!! We don’t EVER say that commercialized propaganda word….we play and run in the woods!

* I thought hanging down the stairs by our ankles doing sit-ups was a good incline work out…..

*I will make sure you get the epidural…

* Of course I know how to start it….why else would I open the TRUNK??????

* No those shoes do not make your feet look big….

* I think we scared those guys…….. (this one has been said so many times we might need a tat of this)

* I don’t care what the runkeeper says it FEELS like 8.2 not 9…….

* We need hills…heat..trails….not pavement and flat…..

* FUEL….drink….swimmingmeg

All in all the bestest running partner ever! A awesome person, fabulous nurse, fantastic beast on any huge hill, always has my back…as I do hers.  We are truly lucky!! Somehow we got even luckier this year with the addition of our CR to our team…..

It’s going to be a great year for PACO Posse!!! Come RUN with us….we will even check your bladder!

paco posse


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