No Sad Guy and Arrid XX-Dry

I am addicted to Arrid XX-dry….. I slink down the Walmart isle to purchase the aerosol spray cans, two to a shrink wrapped bundle.  I will never commit such an act at Target.  Only at Walmart where safety is ensured among other ozone killing consumers, cigarette smokers,  Budweiser swillers,  and slipper wearing Twinkie matrons do I shop.  Ugly runners feet freak me out….. now I am not a pedicure person, I rarely have polish on my toes for example.  However, I have never lost a toenail either…… I scoff at the idea of wearing over-sized shoes in the idea of allowing room for swelling….more like room for pummeling I believe.  Why do we as runners sing the praises of tight compression gear, then give ourselves an inch to swell?  I allow barely an half an inch in my shoes.  I know I am in the minority.  I already know I am crazy (remember I am in Walmart purchasing cans of Arrid!)  I spray my feet before every run…short or long, crooked or straight, trail or road with Arrid XX-dry 24.6% Aluminum Chlorohydrate…..  so when you see a muddy girl..sparkling a bit from random glitter from her last project and feet that smell like a fresh spring breeze….. you will know you’ve just been passed by grittyglittergirl and I will gladly share my canNo Sad Feet with you.

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