Medoc Trail Marathon on a WHIM…

medoc swagBoth my running teammates were out….Leggs had call, and the other injured….I had to get some miles in!!  The trusty ultrarunning sign up to the rescue!!  I saw that some spots had opened up for a race not to far away….(granted my GPS skills suck so the 2 hours was actually more like 3.5)    And next I knew…..medoc man

Medoc Trail Marathon was held October 18, 2014 in Medoc State Park up by Hollister, North Carolina.  The race consisted of a 10 mile option and a full 26.2 mile option…hence the marathon word.….(of course, I had to do the full 26.2)   The Rocky Mount Endurance Club were the ones responsible for such an awesome race, and this was the seventh running of the event.  These guys are my kind of people…..the only way they could have improved upon thing was literally to have thrown some glitter bombs every once in a while……  For example, I registered late so rather than granting me my trail request name of grittyglittergirl (BIG SURPRISE THERE!!) I was given the name tree licker…. My seventeen year old daughter assured me this was very close!  This same crewing daughter ate all the “emergency sugar rush” beans the very first 6 mile lap…..emmasign

This race was nice and small, as you can see I am number 195…out of 200.  This totally beats the Marine Corp Marathon that I ran this weekend…8 days later in which I was number 4000 out of 30,000…..

We drove in from Fayetteville the night before and arrived very late.  We did not stay at the group campground but from the stories we heard we will be doing that next year!! Everyone sounded like they had a great time!! The packet pick up was super quick and easy….Great sweatshirt, jelly beans, car sticker, tattoo, free safety pins, and a new trail name! They even had a DJ playing music.

The course had some water issues with mud which was glorious! I was very glad to have my Hoka speeds and really had no trouble…I believe with my Cliftons I would have fallen on my A@#.  That being said my Clifton’s are still my number one favorite shoe!!!  It also helps that I move as slow as molasses in snow….maybe slower…..stairsI did roll down one hill..but only one dude saw…and I did a complete somersault with a full bow upon standing so technically it was more of a trail trick then a fall…so not counting it...and it may have actually shaved five minutes off my time!

At the finish, the medal is ENORMOUS!! medalAnd it spins….you could pinch your finger if you had ADD tendencies to mess with things……All in all it was an awesome race.  I will totally be back next year.  I cannot imagine anyway to improve upon it….unless they added about…let’s say….. 4 ish little miles…and made it a 50K….well that would just be the bomb-diggitty…..PicMonkey Photo

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