De Snubbed Toe…..

toeamigo De poor…poor…snubbed, disdained, rejected, and scorned….black toe on my right foot.  What was a simple two mile test run in a pair of HOKA Stinsons was by a day later a shiny blueish, cyanotic glow of a telltale  toe nail conundrum…..a runner catastrophe….Now normal toes would band together like a group of southern baptist church women organizing a funeral supper!  casseroleLittle trays of toe healing casseroles would be arriving to my ottoman…by the truck load! Pyrex containers overflowing with tater tots covered in cheese, mini wieners in bbq sauce, and classic mac and hamburger.  Gastric delights…….

Think of the common treatment for a broken toe….the Doctor tapes them together!!!  United……Toes help each other…like a fallen soldier is carried from battle by his brothers in arms…or in this  example……brothers in toes!!  

Those loyal and loving supportive type toes…sadly, they belong to other runners……..I sleep with one eye open out of fear that my mutinous other four toes will conduct a secret vote during the dead of the night…..and take it upon themselves to AMPUTATE THE OFFENDER!!!!!  elephant toes



Many will rush to offer suggestions of heated needles….and pots of scalding water….super..lets both drown and impale the poor thing!!  Is it not enough that he has been rejected by his fellow appendages??  That I have booked digit and dactyl specialty therapy….Do you have any idea of how unique and specialized a field that is these days???  In final closing, I beg you, treat all your toes with gentle love…maybe even a nice family massage…separate little toe hugs……because maybe just maybe someday they will need the teamwork skills that these type of activities can encourage…..toesock

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