Coffee and Me


Balance? Is there such a thing as balance and caffeine…..I, myself, only drink one cup of coffee each morning….but everyone that knows me and my coffee pot knows that this coffee is so dark, black and thick…..Navy men would add water to it in FEAR.  What do I add to this coffee????  Hot Shotz…..yes three of the little cup shaped packets that CLEARLY state on the container…..”daily limit two”  (I am sure this warning does not apply to any nurses, because we all know nurses never follow directions that apply to their own health……)  So what exactly IS my one cup??? Is it actually the equivalent of two or three POTS of coffee???  coffeepot

Is it like when my friend heard the surgeon generals warning that to be truly safe one should only consume a single glass of red wine a night…..she who had enjoyed a glass or TWO before this…..simply went to the store and bought a LARGER wine glass and only had one glass from then on…….

What does everyone else that is healthier and wiser than me do?  Should I pour the coffee into some type of to go container and wrap it in a brown bag??? Wean myself away and have everyone suffer?  Or simply realize that we all have our vices and on the whole of things…it could be much, much worse……..

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