Are you Working 2 Hard @ Running??!!


Are you running for fun…or have you made running work?  If you are PAID to run then by all means….work at it…although I still believe you would benefit from listening to my fun theory!  The video above shows what happened when they simply made taking the stairs FUN over the escalator…..a full 66% of people started PLAYING ON THE STAIRS…..My running team of pals that we fondly call “Paco’s Posse” pacoposseafter a deer head we found on a long run….make it a mission to have FUN on each and every long run.  PERIOD…no excuses, no wankers, no wimps!! FUN WILL BE HAD!!…..Are you having the same fun on your long runs??? Are you running in groups?? Or have you fallen victim to LONGRUNITIS………that will kill your will to run you know…..faster than a wedgie in the bestest pair of run shorts you own……..

Long Run FindThe way my running team… the way we can ourselves a team because WE CAN!!!  Looks for official long run finds on each and every long run we do.  We have found some amazing finds!! ….. skullwe have also found some not so amazing treasures!!!   We have found skulls, car bumpers, umbrellas, coolers….without any dead bodies…..

We have even found an AMERICAN mile 16 of a 20 mile run!!!! clayClay Aiken was more than happy to take a moment to snap a selfie with us, even though we were pretty crusty by that mile!!  So the question is… do you make a piano out of your stairs??  Do you wait for someone else to come along and do it FOR YOU???  Or do you charge full force forward determined to have a blast on each and every adventure that you have the grace and gift to be given???  I challenge you to be one of the piano BUILDERS not just an escalator rider….Find a bumper, find a cooler, decorate a skull, grab an American Idol, or a police officer…..don’t wait for someone to make your life fun and exciting for you….this is it…it’s all you get.  ROCK IT!!umbrellacooler

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