Are you a RUNNER?

journeypissedAm I a REAL RUNNER???   In what other sport does this question exist?  Let’s examine football for a brief moment….and peeps it is going to be BRIEF….because when I go long….it’s in RUNNING not for a fabulous pass…believe ME!!!! I have never, ever heard a football peep say “Am I a REAL PLAYER?”…..and you know what…they really aren’t….they even have virtual games in which they can design entire TEAMS with little outfits and cheerleaders, they have fantasy leagues that YOU PAY to play in!!! footballThey play the game with little strips of cloth hanging from their shorts to ensure they are not injured unnecessarily….Now what exactly do you think would happen in the marathon…or ultra world if we runners did that?  Let’s say for instance…I by some odd act of Jesus caught up with Josh Holmes….granted this would need to be like a lapping ultra in which I was on lap 2, he was finishing but you get THE DRIFT!!!  How do you think it would go over in the running world if I just pulled some piece of fabric from the back of his shorts?? And said…oops…guess you are out dude!  WHY??!!! Because in running EVERYONE IS A REAL RUNNER!!!!!  Can you see how ridiculous it IS to even question yourself….to even stop believing in yourself??!!!!  After all do you really want to disappoint the entire band of Journey? I,  for one, do not want that weight on MY shoulders…..

YET every single day…..I see it on Facebook or on Instagram……or on Tumbler…or Vine or wherever…this question of validation by runners.  If you move forward….at ANY speed or pace and YOU DESIRE TO CALL YOURSELF A RUNNER by all means do so.  To help the folks that run up against the naysayers and middle-school bullies who now are wearing grown up skin…I have developed a cheat sheet!  Feel free to laminate with uber expensive scotch tape and place in your Nathan’s pack!!  It may be needed at any meet-up run group, the current of distance running.

What’s your pace?   Forward, this will be met with confused looks, further probing questions. Remain firm. “Forward, you haven’t heard of it yet?”

What method are you using, Galloway? ” No rhythm, but we don’t want more children looking into better methods.”

How do you fuel? “Before and during…sometimes after”

What’s your weekly mileage? ” I’m tapering” if they persist ask them about their last ultra….this will turn the conversation.

Are you supposed to eat twinkies? “I am experimenting with Fuel.”

Have you run any races? What’s the furthest you’ve run? and How do you know you can do it?  Should all be met with a smile and a long swig of the tube of your Nathan’s bladder pack….then spit the water as far as you possibly can…walk to the nearest set of trees and declare in an extremely loud voice that you have to pee and when is this run gonna start anyway!

Being a runner is about heart, not labels… ask yourself…do I move forward?

Do I like the term runner?

If the answer to both of these is yes…..then….


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