Are you a Gritty Glitter Runner?


carjandmAre you a gritty glitter girl runner? Or for that matter a gritty glitter guy runner?  Do not let the glitter phrase phase you…. GLITTER is for all sexes.  Do not confuse RUNNING GLITTER with the sparkly stuff that you played with in elementary school……….covering reindeer hand prints with oodles of red glitter that covered every available surface……  RUNNING GLITTER ….or to be precise…..GRITTY GLITTER….. Is a unique trail running phenomenon.  Trail runners love gritty glitter so much that you will see on instagram that the favorite hashtag is #trailporn…to show these muddy and dirty….not THAT kind of dirty… of ultra trail runners COVERED in GRITTY GLITTER!!!!!  Now they call it mud….but I beg you to embrace the purple cow inside you!!!  MUD?? Dirt?? Seriously??? This from people that run through woods for 50 to 100 miles hooting and hollering for FUN?  Runners that spend their free time on Facebook threads for hours talking about socks, fuel, feet, and the best ball sac glide??? deznutsTHESE ARE FUN PEOPLE….Mud is just to LAME OF A TERM…

When you are packing your Nathan’s to go on your trail run….are you smiling widely?  Are you giddy as a school girl? As nutso as a full grown man setting up his fantasy football team??? If you ARE NOT….then you are missing something….you need to work on getting your GRITTY GLITTER on….your FUNonamol back…..WTF you run for then??? Get muddy, get high…AS IN UP IN A TREE!!!! not the arrested kind….. although if you live in a state that this is legal my medical maryjane stock is very sucky right now so please feel free to indulge…but NC is a NO GO!!!!  I want to SEE your gritty glitter pictures….I want you to have fun trail running….I want you to stop…(not your Garmin or your Runkeeper…that is like A SIN…..) but during your long run, short run…stop off the trail and CLIMB a TREE…get muddy….Do some handstands…horrific cartwheels…. grittyglittersanleetrailwear a leopard print run skirt..or a kilt! 

**Now technically for complete disclosure….as many of my gritty glitter gurus know…I will run in just about any skirt!  That skirt above is FABULOUS….BUT it is a $9.98 Forever 21 clearance thingy*ma*bob that I stole from my youngest 17 year old….IT HAS POCKETS!!! It runs TOTES AWESOME!!!!  I fell down a hill in it, did a spectacular three point tuck and roll, with nary a scratch to that joker!

<p>Original article: <a href=”{…glitter-runner/running/ultra/marathon/mom}”>{Are you a Gritty Glitter Runner?}</a>.</p>

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