Copacabana….the hottest Spot…..South of Fayevannah…….

Mexico…..It’s Tuesday night and The small one is going to be 18 this weekend!! How is that possible!?

So, like any truly responsible set of semi-adults….we decide to get the cheap seats and go to MEXICO!!!!

Cheap Seats!
Cheap Seats!

dock cancunIn less than fifteen minutes, Smalls has hit the submit button on our trip (also effectively snap-chatting it at the same time for prosperity sake…)  Then she says “Do you know where my passport is?”…….Hello, I barely know where mine is!  Fast forward two days and we head out of Myrtle Beach’s large international airport…..Stop at a gas station on a grass runway in Florida, and we are off again….

After furious pedaling our plane lands in Cancun, Mexico!!! We receive many strange looks at the Mexico airport….WHY??!! Have they never see two woman that can travel for three days with only a purse?  Apparently not….Smalls and I are waived through however when a gaggle of women of the approximate average age of 147 wearing GREEN bowler hats and sleeveless sundress attempt to explain why they should be allowed to bring into Mexico something they have in a jar, a viscous brown concoction …..I sincerely hope it is a type of special balm for the delicate crepe layers of skin that wiggle and waggle as she shakes her finger at a extremely unsmiling Mexican Customs Agent……

Cancun is gorgeous…..We glide past beautiful hotel complex after fancy complex with fancy gates and guards…..We drop off people that have lots of luggage….and I mean LOTS…like what in world do they HAVE IN THERE…..Smalls begins to lose faith in our (ok fine MINE) ability to book a resort that was translated into English on the website……We drop off people for what feels like FOREVER…….

Then we arrive at OUR resort….it definitely looks different….and it is a lovely surprise to see that they see excited that we are there….Granted the place is very busy and has many guests…..Just no Americans….like AT ALL…….If you have ever stayed in an all-inclusive resort in a foreign island it is almost surreal.  It is like a mini USA but stuck in the middle of the Dominican or Mexico….Somehow I had booked us in a resort that locals vacation at.  Everything was in Spanish, the games, the menus, the TV, everything….we loved it!  Luckily, I understand a great deal of Spanish however unfortunately I speak very little.  We were undeterred however.  We shopped at the Oxxo (the 7-11 type store across the street), we ordered food incredibly badly then ate what we received,  and we read the books we had shoved into our purses.

Getting back was slightly more difficult….the Mexican security thought we were adorable….we were delayed getting out of country….then had to spend the night in the grass airport of Florida….Fly to Philadelphia the following day to obtain a flight to Myrtle Beach…..Little blips like that make one wish to be an over-packer……but I still think I will stick to my bikini in my purse, a little dress, and some clean panties and WILL TRAVEL!!!!!cancun collage