Being Grow’d Up

Being “Grow’d up” isn’t always what it is cracked up to be……first there is an enormous gap of time in which discounts eluded us…..we are not children able to eat from the child’s menu, nor can we go to the movies for $10 instead of $25 (when did movies get so crazy expensive that this does not seem like such an exaggeration as it is intended?!?!?). We are not allowed free coffee because we are too old either, or the other discounts afforded to the later generation……
Every year sometime between New Years and my birthday I make a yearly “fear list”…..things to do that year in which I am a bit scared of or believe that are a challenge. This works better for me than coming from the negative angle and making resolutions of what “I will not” do…and then suffering for several hours to days in turmoil until I break it. Crossing items off a fear list is empowering… least to me.
On my list this year was to travel alone for fun. This also crossed off eat out alone for fun… myself, as in totally…..on a business trip didn’t count. The time a friend and I decided that if both of us went, and sat at different tables we were still accomplishing this goal….uhhh no. And lastly, reading a book while dining or similarly distracting myself….no way.
Well being a Grow’d up on a mission of one is not always fun. For example, when Airbnb gets your place jacked up… do realize it is actually you that may have to find a place to stay AND not get shot……when you try to decide who is going to be the DD at dinner and realize it’s totally going to be you…..when you forget your toothbrush and have no friend’s to “borrow”….
There is an UPSIDE….one can literally spend hours in the art supply store without having to say a word…..cake can be eaten at 230 in the morning without a plate, because after all it comes on a handy one!! Pinterest marathons of running quotes, tiny houses, and food one will never cook have the ability to last uninterrupted for hours….