I said Brrrrrrrrrrrrr…..It’s cold in Here…..

Let’s just be honest. It’s freezing up here in these upper states…..I honestly do not know how I survived to adulthood…..with all our moaning and groaning and new age cradling of society today we have missed an enormous group of people……the frozen….Yep, you heard me right!!! Why are there no special incentives for the fact that 19 months out of the year it is 8 degrees in Michigan with a windchill of -45??? That should actually qualify me for forgiveness of my entire student loan debt….I am just saying….every day that we stood and froze to death (it is a documented fact that I have been frozen to death and reheated repeatedly throughout my childhood) should be met with a multiplier that erases dollar for dollar debt owed to any school that is BELOW the frost line…..if the child went to College in the North…..well, a multiplier of .08 because the life long skill of Euchre will serve one well in life and is worth a certain amount of suffering……I adore my home state…..I constantly miss it when I am down in warm North Carolina….I crave sea foam candy, Chuckwagon pizza, smile cookies from Wesco, Squirt, getting a dime back for all my pop bottles, being able to buy liquor at the grocery store or a gas station (sometimes it’s the little things in life), and smelt that are only available up in Ludington ……but it is bone cutting, COLD….it is the type of cold in which one dare not inhale too quickly…..lest a booger become a lethal ICE BULLET and shoot directly to your brain…..and kill you…..it could happen……

Put the Pringles Down!!

It has happened….I am injured…I am in a cast from my toes to almost my knee due to an insertion tear that happened at the Harbison 50K in Columbia, SC…… This is actually my 3rd cast since January 4th….every week I go in and receive a different colored and position fiberglass encased cast to assist with the healing process.   castsI then return home to sulk in a most unattractive fashion….I have consumed approximately 20 cans of Pringle’s chips….12 assorted Ritter Sport chocolate bars….none of them in the very trendy dark chocolate version…bring on the HIGH FAT MILK chocolate people…. I have literally PINNED 5,871 objects that I will never accomplish in this lifetime….AND to top it all off…Today is January 26…and MY CHRISTMAS TREE IS STILL UP…..

Theoretically, I could be doing sit ups, perhaps bent knee push ups, lifting weights with my arms….Also I imagine these other people that live in my house COULD take down the Christmas tree before Jesus dies on the cross and rises again three days later….but that remains to be seen now doesn’t it….When a runner that relies heavily on running to center, to literally function to get through the day is injured it becomes more than an singular injury….it becomes an identity crisis…a coping issue….pringlesPringles, while delightfully salty and light, neatly organized in the little silo like container, gives me a sense of satisfaction upon accomplishment of completion…it is not the same as a nice trail run of 6, 10, 16 miles……This Wednesday is the final cast cut off and I will go to a cam walker boot….then start walking and running back to the gritty glitter world of normalcy…. with an extra shelf of jiggle around the middle for added fun!!!