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These shoes were made for ROOTS jumpin'
I am carrying this thing......um guys....guys????
I am carrying this thing……um guys….guys????


Legend in another time….. we won’t even politely discuss my state of mind .  Currently training for my first ultra after several marathons, trying to kill myself daily on an Elliptigo with my mad impressive coordination skills, and working my way through every pair of Hoka’s made!  No matter how hard I try I always have glitter stuck to me .  No worries, I am not a stripper at night, no need to shield your eye…just a fanatical glass glitter lover.  I embrace it as my own brand of shine.  How many people have both mud and glitter on a daily basis?  I am just really REALLY lucky!!

 *******Update: the first ultra was completed in January…..read all about the cast journey and recovery…..